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Vintage Movies

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November 21 2016
Posted by alexzoid  [ 17:18 ]

Year: 1976
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, All Sex
Duration: 1:12:18
Language: English, German

Director: Henning Schellerup (as Hans Christian)
Cast: Spring Finley, Val Anderson, Suzy Chung, Mike Peterson, Tyler Reynolds, Jonathan Younger, Ken Scudder

Description: Three frolicsome roommates, tired of the way men have been "using them," decide to take matters into their own hands (and other parts of their bodies). Diane has grown tired of being passed from hand to mouth or from one man to another. She makes an agreement with Lynn and Alice, both willing to learn from her and Alice. For the next 75 minutes you are lost in a kaleidoscope of human colors.


Video Quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Size: 762 MB
Video: DivX 5 512x384 25fps 1 474 Kbps
Audio: MP3 44100Hz stereo 128kbps

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July 14 2016
Posted by alexzoid  [ 16:36 ]

Year: 1973
Country: USA
Genre: Rape, Forsed, Porn
Duration: 1:23:02
Language: English

Director: Shaun Costello
Cast: Harry Reems, Laura Cannon, Jutta David, Shaun Costello, Ruby Runhouse, Nina Fawcett

Description: The unnamed attendant of a gas station is a Vietnam War veteran who continually flashes back to his time in the jungle. He continues to wage the war by obtaining the addresses of attractive female customers via their credit-card payments, then invading their homes and raping and murdering them. We follow him on three of these excursions; on the third, he encounters a pair of very stoned hippie women who give him more than he bargained for.


Video Quality:
Video format: avi
Size: 1.16 GB
Video: Xvid 704x512 29.97fps 1 994 Kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

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March 24 2016
Posted by alexzoid  [ 13:12 ]

Year: 1978
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Feature, Comedy, Group
Duration: 1:32:19
Language: English

Director: Alex De Renzy
Cast: Desiree Cousteau, Paul Thomas, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Juliet Anderson, Lisa Sue Corey

Description: After attending her father wedding, innocent Peaches crashes her jeep in the forest only to awake with complete amnesia. She is quickly rescued by two manipulative men who hope to sell her for a hefty ransom, introducing Peaches to a wild world of sexual mischief.


- AVN Top 500
- Film by film critics noted the adult industries, is brought in the Hall of Fame of the adult cinema - Hall of Fame!
- Desiree Cousteau - the best actress of the year - 1978 Best Actress - AFAA Award!
- Best Advertising Campaign-best campaign - AFAA Award!

Video Quality: BDRip
Video Format: MKV
Size: 1.45 GB
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 23.81fps 2 252 Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz mono

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March 14 2016
Posted by alexzoid  [ 19:49 ]

Year: 2013
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Horror, Parody
Duration: 2:20:24
Language: English

Director: Joanna Angel

Starring: Joanna Angel, Jessie Lee (II), Skin Diamond, Phoenix Askani, Kleio, Arabelle Raphael, Larkin Love, Nikki Hearts, Brittany Lynn, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Pistol, Danny Wylde, Wolf Hudson

Description: After months in a hospital bed, County Sheriff Rick woke up from a coma and quickly realized the world had been overrun by zombies. One odd notion was especially troubling; these zombies are hungry for brains... and sex! A jizz shot was the only sure-fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave!

Will Lori continue to band Shane or Rick? Will Michonne and Andrea finally fuck? Will Daryl shoot his bow? Find out on the next episode of The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody.

Video quality: HDRip
Video format: mkv
Size: 4.85 GB
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 29.97fps 4790kbps
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 151kbps

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March 10 2016
Posted by alexzoid  [ 14:45 ]

Year: 1971
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Classic, Western
Duration: 1:12:01
Language: English

Director: Alex de Renzy
Starring: George S. McDonald

Description: Three outlaws known as The McNasty Brothers terrorize a small frontier town located in the desert. It's up to a former sheriff and a go-go dancer to thwart the dastardly trio.

Video Quality: DVDRip
Video Format: MKV
Size: 1.13 GB
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720x480 (4:3) 23.976fps 2 252 Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz mono

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July 02 2015
Posted by alexzoid  [ 16:11 ]

Year: 1975
Country: USA
Genre: Classic, Feature, Straight, All Sex
Duration: 00:51:58
Language: English

Studio: Something Weird Video

Director: Unknown
Starring: Unknown

Storyline: Neither does this splendid little tale of the journey from innocence to experience. The actress who plays the innocent girl is perfect for the role, and her portrayal of budding womanhood is guaranteed to leave you moist around the gills.

Even her voice is perfect, with a little catch and stammer in it, as she empties her heart to us and we watch her sensual initiation. "I was so proud of my training bra," she tells us with a stifled sob, as her music teacher cuts it off with a carpet knife. Then, as her excitement rises, she describes her erect nipples as "feeling like two hardons" poking out of her tiny breasts. It is just this mixture of child-like simplicity and adult savvy that makes for the poetry of the narration, and provides so provocative a commentary on the almost torturously erotic visuals.

By the time our virgin is finally deflowered, the sexual intensity of the movie has become damn near unbearable. This one is bound to get a rise out of even the most jaded hardcore aficionados. It went toot sweet into the Deviate’s permanent collect.

Video Quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Size: 700 MB
Video: Xvid 704x528 23.976fps 1 883 Kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

Seduction Of The Innocents (1975).avi
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April 12 2015
Posted by alexzoid  [ 16:30 ]

Year: 2012
Country: United States
Genre: Art, Sex, Short
Duration: 00:14:18
Translation: Not required

Director: Bo Llanberris
Starring: Marie McCray, Tyler Nixon

Plot: Revived Greek statue falls in love with the museum visitor.

Video Quality: HDRip
Format: mp4
Size: 255 MB
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x544 23.976fps 2425kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 64kbp

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October 31 2014
Posted by alexzoid  [ 20:31 ]

Year: 1995
Country: USA
Genre: Naturism, Nudism, Amateur, Documentary

Description: A day of fun in the sun! Swingers, oblivious of the world outside t their enclave enjoy each other’s company. Whether they’re frolicking in the pool or inside on the dance floor, they are uninhibited in their interactions. Join us poolside for an up-close-and-personal look at all those naked women! Spread just the way you like them. There’s some great fucking, sucking, squirting and girl-girl action. Don’t be left out without your sun block!

Video Quality: VHSRip
Video format: MP4
Size: 1.33 GB
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x480 29.97fps 1988kbps
 Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 179kbps

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September 12 2014
Posted by alexzoid  [ 22:09 ]

Year: 2004
Country: United States
Genre: Underground, Child Birth Scene, Lesbian, Nudity, Urination Scene, Sex
Duration: 01:21:20
Language: English

Directed by: Andrew Repasky McElhinney
Cast: Melissa Elizabeth Forgione, Querelle Haynes, Kevin Mitchell Martin ... Narrator (voice), Sean Timothy Sexton, Courtney Shea, Claude Barrington White

Description: This movie .... unusual ...

In 1928, the French philosopher Georges Bataille (with Lorde Och pseudonym) shocked the world Story of the Eye, sexually graphic and surreal novel. It is still kind of a cult classic, and has recently received some press when Bjork has announced that she really enjoyed the novel, and included some of his ideas in the video. That - anything, something Bjork likes to be supernatural. Georges Bataille's Eye story underground filmmaker Andrew Repaskaym Makelhinneyym (Chronicle of Corpses, Magdalen) is not an adaptation, but more research. It's - own Makelhinney take ideas Bataille, and it is equally disgusting. The film begins with an old stock footage of fertility, and goes on to a different settlement, where men and women have sex alone or in various combinations. If Makelhinneyy wanted to shock people, he succeeded. Because of the explicit nature of the story through the eyes, it will be almost unwatchable for mainstream audiences.

For the brave people who want to sit through a hilarious hardcore, lesbian and heterosexual sex, the experience is slightly different. In the film, there is no history. Makelhinneyy even raises the quote "the preparation of the story - a bourgeois mania" before the end of the film almost twenty minutes ominous music or feedback, something akin to what one would expect in a David Lynch film. And while the film is in plain text, it's hard to call it pornography. Purpose Makelhinney seem to shake the desire, not necessarily one to tickle. Due to the mechanical nature of some of the scenes, it's hardly awakened. Yet the film unfolds as a series of scenes, much like a porno.

Makelhinneyy surprised each of his last film, The Chronicle of Corpses, who earned a surprising amount of attention from some of the mainstream critics. Story of the Eye, which is probably best categorized as an art than a movie, feels a bit on the pretentious side. There are some obvious obvious sexual imagery (people dancing women run first with a joystick in his lap, which will soon change him masturbating), and other scenes where the same person - fueled by food, while a topless woman playing piano. Another scene has a woman, raise the same set of stairs numerous times (or - it is one continuous ladder) before stopping at the window, yelling "Jackie Oh!" before shooting the film Zapruder, while urinating. Incidentally, this - the only dialogue in the film. He clearly is disruptive, but one often wonders what he is trying to convey.

Most of the images of bizarre and nightmarish. There is a slight eroticism, and many items, including some of the music and lighting contribute to the ominous mood. Woman awakens discovery of her eyes bandaged, and the viewer can see what looks like a blood spot where her eyes were. Another woman has a large scar on her stomach. But then, will have Makelhinneyy innocent looking blond sailor, go at it with a muscular black man in a guy with a whip. While he pushes the boundaries in terms of what people want to watch, feels much as if he's trying to shock people for the sake of shocking them. There is not enough context behind sexual images to make them think about what they see. Unfortunate side effect - that history's eyes, even with all the terrible sex, feels boring at times.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Size: 699 MB
Video: Xvid 512x384 29.97fps 1 202 Kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 123kbps

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May 13 2014
Posted by alexzoid  [ 22:41 ]

Year: 2003
Country: United States
Genre: Education, Anal
Duration: 00:54:39
Language: English

Description: This is a film production Sinclair Intimacy Institute. In it you real couples and doctors will tell you how to learn the wisdom of anal sex.

Quality: DVDRip
Format: MPEG
Size: 545 MB
Video codec: MPEG1
Audio codec: MPEG Audio
Video: 352x240 (107:80) 29.97fps 1150Kbps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps

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February 12 2014
Posted by alexzoid  [ 17:25 ]

Production year: 1976
Country: United States
Genre: Classic, Feature
Duration: 1:07:16
Language: English

Director: Andrea Scott
Starring: Toni Scott (as Angie Dickens), Abigail Clayton (as Gail Wezke), Valerie Franklin (as JoAnne Akewell), Jodi Thorpe, Mei Ling Chan, Melba Bruce, Mimi Morgan, Nancy Perelmann, Spring Finlay (as Patricia Lucius), Herbert Wong (as Al Chan), Keith Erickson (as Alan Malaprof), Bob Black, John Holmes, Jon Elder, Ken Scudder, Oscar Wild, Ray Wells, John Holmes

Description: Bring in the new year with “Big John” Holmes and Keith Erickson! At this party, all the balls drop!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: AVI
Size: 1.33GB
Video codec: XviD
Audio Codec: MP3
Video: Xvid 640x464 23.976fps 2 822 Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 256kbps

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December 25 2013
Posted by alexzoid  [ 17:35 ]

Year: 1976
Country: United States
Genre: Feature, Parody, Comedy, Oral Sex, All Sex, Anal Sex
Duration: 1:00:47
Language: English

Directed by: Bob Chinn
Starring: Laurien Dominique, Brooke West, Candida Royalle, Dir Lee Frost, Dorothy LeMay, Joan Devlon, Joey Silvera, John Holmes, John Seeman, Rhonda Jo Petty, Sharon Kane, Writer Arm

Description: Penny Holmes (played by Laurien Dominique) is the wife of Dr John C. Holmes (played by John Holmes), a sex therapist who has his own problem in that he can't get erections. Her friend, Linda Lou (referred to as Lou through the film - played by the hot & horny Candida Royalle) comes to stay with her while Dr Holmes is out of town.An amateur sex therapist in her own right, Penny is helping several locals in their sex life, including the milkman (played by Charles Law), who is having problems satifying his wife (but has no problem satifying Penny, who nearly forgets to put the milk in the refridgerator!), and the paperboy, Willard (played by Jon Martin), who has not lost his virginity, and likes to jerk off while watching Penny use a vibrator through her bedroom window (until Lou busts him, and gives him his "first piece of ass")

Video Quality: DVDRip
Video format: mp4
Size: 873MB
Video codec: H264
Audio codec: AAC
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720x464 29,97 fps 1870 Kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

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November 20 2013
Posted by alexzoid  [ 18:18 ]

Year: 1970
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, All Sex
Duration: 00:58:36
Language: English

Cast: Sandy Dempsey, John Dullaghan, William Howard, Sheri Jackson, Donna Young

Description: Story is simple: the doc and his beautiful nurse Joyce (Donna Young) service folks with sexual problems, usually couples. It’s all designed to take their money as well as have sex with lots of people.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: AVI
Size: 688MB
Audio: MP3
Video: Xvid 720x480 29.97fps 1499 Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128kbps

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November 08 2013
Posted by alexzoid  [ 18:22 ]

Year: 1981
Country: USA
Genre: All sex, Classic
Duration: 01:11:41
Language: English

Director: Larry Revene
Cast: Candida Royale, Jeffrey H. Aikman, Josh Andrews ,Samantha Fox ,Veronica Hart ,Ron Hudd ,Pattie Love ,Merle Michaels ,George Payne, Skeets Stoddard ,Jack Wrangler 

Description: They were invented to act out their lust. You're invited to watch.Candida Royalle is a woman with a past a long, long past. Rumor has it she’s lived for a few hundred years. The question is how she’s managed to remain such a luscious piece of woman flesh after three centuries. That question gets answered when she invites three couples over to her ritzy mansion for a dinner party. Things quickly slide from cordial dinner conversation to kinky wife swapping and group groping. The secret to eternal youth, it turns out, is sex, sex and more sex. With lush sets, brilliant costuming and a gothic, sexy story line this is one adult classic not to be missed

Video Quality: VHSRip
Video format: AVI
Size: 700MB
Video codec: DivX
Audio: MP3
Video: DivX 5 544x400 29.97fps Bit rate 1236 Kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 115kbps

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October 31 2013
Posted by alexzoid  [ 15:56 ]

Year: 1977
Country: United States
Genre: All Sex
Duration: 00:58:46
Language: English

Director: Dave Miller
Cast: Desiree West, Melba Bruce, Sharon Demsted, Frank Ford, Link Beemer

Description: Teen Angel is the shocking expose of the marriage and the breakup of a nihilistic young stud and his teenage bride. After their wedding night, the husband begins a series of sordid affairs with his new wife's nubile girlfriends ... On discovering his deceit, the beautiful young bridge tries to satisfy his penchant for perversion by trying every conceivable sex act for him. In a surprise twist they learn the high price of their degradation. Set in swinging 70's San Francisco ... TEEN ANGEL ranks as a golden age classic.

Video quality: DVDRip
Video Format: WMV
Size: 865MB
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Video: Windows Media Video 9 640x480 29.97fps 1915Kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps

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